The God Revealed in Jesus Christ

For this 9th session of Discover the Word, we began with the article, The God Revealed in Jesus Christ. I told the class that I consider this booklet (article) as some kind of “textbook” and that we will be referring to this booklet often as we discuss other issues and as we go through the materials in the 40 Days of Discipleship.

We had an interesting discussion and although our progress through the booklet was rather slow, I think that listening to the comments and questions were quite beneficial for everyone.

There were three things we were able to take home from our study of the booklet. We learned that our Trinitarian faith is:  1) Trinitarian-based, 2) Christ-centered and, 3) Relationship-focused. That is, our Trinitarian faith is based on the belief in one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is also Christ-centered because Jesus Christ is the center of our faith and devotion to God. We understand the Bible through the lens of who Jesus is.  And thirdly, our Trinitarian faith is very much relationship-focused. God is interested in loving relationships.

Here’s the video of last Wednesday’s class:

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