The God Revealed in Jesus Christ, Part 1

We continued with our study of the article, The God Revealed in Jesus ChristOnce again we had a lively discussion although we were only a few who attended. It was exciting to see that we were all growing in understanding about our Triune God. For this session, we were able to finish part 1 of the booklet. We will continue with Part 2 in the next session.

Unfortunately,  I also forgot to turn on my camera for video recording so — my apologies. Thankfully, I was able to turn on my iPhone for audio recording. For the first part of this session, I shared with the group an excerpt of Dr. Gary Deddo’s video in 2010 where he shared his thoughts about figurative language and the afterlife.

I have so many material that I want to share so I’m giving it to the group bit by bit as time permits. So here’s the audio/video recording from last week’s session:

3 Replies to “The God Revealed in Jesus Christ, Part 1”

  1. I think it is the nature of the scripture or the written word of God that we need the living word because God wants us to have a relationship with his Person not just to a written word.

  2. Thanks for Dr. Deddo for informing us about the nature of the Scripture and how to handle it responsably.

  3. One of our predeliction is to be “God talkers and be God handlers “which put us into trouble especially if we became dogmatic on our assertions.Thankfully the truth does not depend on us.Ultimately God does reveal Himself to those He wanted to know and experience.

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