Repenting of Mental Baggage

Relationship between a husband and wife can sometimes go sour and end up in a broken marriage because one of them (or both), have come to realize that after some time of living together, they find out that their mate is not really the person they wanted to get married with after all. What they really wanted to get married with was a mate which was a creation of their own imagination—the perfect prince charming or the perfect princess of one’s own dream in fairy land.

Knowing Your Mate

husband and wifeWe could never really come to know the other person and build a lasting relationship if we continue to recreate our mates according to the image that we have invented in our own minds about him or her. If we only relate to our mates according to the figment of our own imagination, most likely we will often get frustrated and soon it will lead to broken relationships. It’s sad when marriages break up because the couple have not really come to know each other, learn to grow together in love, forgiving one another, understanding each other’s faults and weaknesses, accepting one another, as they go through life’s ups and downs. This mental baggage, this created image we have invented about our mates has to be removed if the marriage relationship is to blossom and grow to maturity. Get to know your mate and love him or her for who he or she really is. You’ll be happier that way and your marriage relationship will blossom and grow to move love and understanding for one another.

Knowing Jesus

The same thing is true with our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We can never come to know the real Jesus if our Jesus is merely our own ideas that we have created about Jesus and not really the Jesus Christ that is revealed in Scripture. We need to do some serious repenting of the way we think. We have to change our minds, get rid of our mental baggage, and get to know the real Jesus, who he is and what he has done for all of humanity as revealed in the Bible. (The word repent in the Bible comes from the Greek word, metanoia which means change of mind). Then and only then can we get to know the real God and build a long-lasting and loving relationship with our Maker. Get to know God as revealed in Jesus Christ. You will be glad if you do.

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