My Mothers

Although there was no typhoon, the heavy rains which poured in Mindanao these past few days caused some flooding in some parts of Mindanao. It also caused many flight cancellations. My mom was one of those affected. Last Saturday morning her flight from Butuan to Manila was cancelled. She came back the following day, Sunday, only to be told the flight was cancelled again. Thankfully on the third day, Monday, after all the stress that she went through, she was relieved to be able to fly from Butuan to Manila. She would have missed her international flight which was scheduled on a Tuesday, early morning.

My mom and my mother-in-law having dinner together.

In the photo above is my mom greatly relieved to see me at the airport. She was finally able to take her international flight the following day. In the other photo, my two mothers — that is, my mother-in-law and my own mom spend some time together after not having seen each other for a good number of years. They had a great time and were glad to see each other again.

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