Kawasan Falls in Cebu

Kawasan Falls-11
A nipa hut — Pinoy folk architecture — just near the dam high up in the mountains. (Click to zoom)

Back in May 2007, I was invited as one of the staff in a youth summer camp that was held in Cebu. I didn’t realize that it was near Kawasan Falls, a beautiful resort area where tourists visit. From the camp site beside the beach, we had to hike about 45 minutes or so to reach Kawasan Falls with its many falls along the way as you go up higher. Yes, that’s right! It’s all going up—high up in the mountains! Whew! That was tough for me haha! I was not expecting the hike to take that long with my old heavy laptop in my backpack! Anyway, I survived haha!

Here are the shots I took using my point-and-shoot Mercury digital camera. In the photo above, I took that shot because I thought that it’s an example of Philippine folk architecture. The rest are shots I took along the way.

Kawasan Falls Kawasan Falls-2 Kawasan Falls-3 Kawasan Falls-6 Kawasan Falls-8 Kawasan Falls-10


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