Humor and Laughter in Life


Humor in Photography

Photo ID HumorYesterday I was requested to send a 2″ x 2″ ID photo with me wearing a black polo shirt with collar and with a white background. I asked my wife to set up the white sheet background as I began to mount my camera on a tripod and adjust the camera settings. My wife then took some shots. Then I made funny faces which made her burst into laughter. Humor is part of our family haha!

Enjoying Humor in Life

Len JosonI then sent through email two ID photos requested by an office. I suggested that the first photo should be used. I was kidding of course haha! I just love to put in some humor in my life once in a while. I actually sent two photos — the right one and the funny one. The folks who received it actually enjoyed it and had a good laugh when they received the photos. It was all for fun.

For those who don’t know me that much, one might have the impression that I’m the “serious type.” No humor in life at all. Not really. I can be serious at appropriate times but I actually do love to have fun with friends all the time as well. My wife and kids know I can be quite funny at home too.

Life and Love in Christ

Christ came that we might have life and enjoy it abundantly. And he did this because of his great love for all of us. Although in this world we may have lots of challenges that we face everyday, although difficulties in life come often, it should not dampen our spirits and have fun and humor in life from time to time. Having humor, having laughter in life sure is good medicine for all of us! Let’s continue to enjoy life and love in Jesus Christ!

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