From Diaries to Blogs

Before there was Blog

Before the internet, some people used to have diaries — a log book of their daily experience. This is where they write their thoughts and feelings. This is where they could just express themselves which maybe they could not somehow do openly and publicly to others. And somehow, this exercise can have a healing and therapeutic effect on the person himself as he writes. Sometimes — or maybe oftentimes — a person writes in his diary because it makes him feel good after he has poured out his heart — at least on paper or on the internet. I guess it’s the same thing with Facebook — people love to express their thoughts and feelings sometimes. Or maybe oftentimes haha!

Diaries back then were log books where some people write their experience each and everyday or it could be a diary where they write their thoughts and feelings occasionally — depending on their mood. I guess that these were the two kinds of diaries back then. Some like it in secret. It’s a private thing. They keep and hide it from others. Some others don’t mind if their diaries are read by everyone. It really depends on the person. And of course, not all love to keep a diary, especially on a daily basis haha! During my younger days, I thought it was a “girly” thing to do. I never had any use for a diary at all.

The Advent of the Internet and Blogging

With the coming of the internet, some folks have begun to keep their diaries online. It was their “log book” or “web log” on the internet. This is where we got the term “blog.” It’s the short form of “web log” — a diary on the internet. But a blog is still essentially the same thing as the diary of old. Some prefer their blogs private and for their eyes only while some others don’t mind to show their blogs publicly. My blog site here is for everyone to see. Everyone can read and can comment on my blogs. But of course, I reserve the right to delete all offensive comments if I don’t like it haha! Just be nice to me okay?

Blogs that Generate Income

Nowadays blogging has become big business for some. It’s no longer just a personal diary. It is now used for advertising and for generating income. If you have a really good blog site, it is possible to earn some extra cash to pay some bills. For my blog site though, my purpose is not to earn income. Instead I hope my blog adds value to one’s life and love. I hope that what I write may be of some help for those who may happen to read it.

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