My First CT Scan

Several days ago, I had my first ever CT scan done on my head. I never expected to have one but that was what the doctor recommended. My wife actually had her first ever CT scan done on her head as well when she slipped on the floor and the back of her head hit the edge of the first stair tread. Thankfully, the result was good. She had 5 stitches. That was about a year or so ago I guess.

For some two months now, I somehow lost my sense of smell and taste. It developed gradually until I can no longer smell even the strongest of odors. That was my complaint when I went to the doctor.

The EENT doctor checked deep inside my nose with a long instrument that can see inside my nostrils. He probed both nostrils. He called the procedure as endoscopy. It was my first time to experience having an instrument inserted into my nose. The doctor was good at it. I did not feel any pain at all. Just a bit of annoyance knowing that something foreign was deep inside my nose. After that, he showed me in his computer what he saw. It was like a movie getting inside both my nostrils haha!

The doctor said things seemed to look good but he wanted to be sure. He recommended a CT scan. He wanted to eliminate his suspicion that I may have suffered a stroke. Before the CT scan, I had a blood test and some liquid was inserted into my veins which was needed for the CT scan I was told. That liquid made me feel bad after about 8 hours. To make a long story short, the results showed that I did not have a stroke.

I still can’t smell nor taste and I’m taking a lot of medications to hopefully clear my sinus of whatever is blocking my sense of smell. The doctor said I now have sinusitis and it’s my first time to have this kind of sickness. Hopefully, I’ll get well soon. I’m getting old—a reminder that in Christ we live and move and have our being. Thank you Lord for the life and love you allow us to enjoy now and in the future.

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