Daughter’s 3rd Blood Test

blood test
For the 3rd time, my daughter had a blood test and this time for dengue as well. Thankfully, the blood platelet count showed much improvement compared to yesterday and the previous day. Although the previous tests were somewhat low, it was actually still within the normal range but the doctor wanted to see much more improvement before discounting dengue. Thankfully, the blood test result today also showed that my daughter is negative for dengue.

The whole family rejoiced. My daughter’s temperature has been normal since yesterday. It looks like she caught a measles virus a few days ago somewhere. She had a lot of vaccinations when she was still a baby but somehow we missed having her vaccinated for measles I would suppose. She’s getting better and better now and hopefully will be back to school by next week.

Now I can go back to work with a smile. 🙂

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  1. Thanks everyone for all your prayers and concern. I was informed that although one has been immunized for measles, a person can still catch the virus and get sick. I guess that’s what happened. We’re just glad our daughter is getting better now.

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