Christ’s Incarnation Implicated All of Us

Last Sunday, March 12, it was my first time to preach at the local congregation of Grace Communion International (GCI) in Calamba, Laguna — the birthplace of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. This small group of brethren was recently declared as a new local congregation of GCI in the area. I was happy to have been invited in such a historic place for the first time to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

I shared with the brethren the wonderful good news that Christ’s incarnation has implicated all of us in such a way that when he died, we all died with him. When he ascended up to heaven, we were brought up along with him into the heavenly realms as Paul said in Ephesians 2:6. He not only died for us. He also lived for us. We live yet not us, but Christ lives in us and for us as our Substitute and Representative. He assumed all of us. He took all of us with him.

When Christ became flesh, there was a union of divinity and humanity in the person of Jesus Christ. Theologians call it as theĀ hypostatic union. We got implicated and included in Christ. His righteousness became our righteousness. He became sin for us.

Here is a video of that message:

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