Christmas Tree and the Bible

One proof text used by many against Christmas is Jeremiah 10:2-4. In these verses, it is claimed that a Christmas tree is mentioned in the Bible and that God is against it and the keeping of Christmas. Is this really so? Does God hate Christmas and its celebration? Is this really biblical proof positive? Let’s examine this chapter.

How to Read the Bible

In one of my blogs on Bible Interpretation 101, I wrote that it is important to get the context. One needs to get the background or context behind the verse or verses under question in order to get a more accurate interpretation. One needs to get the immediate context and the larger context in order to see a complete picture of what is being discussed.

Christmas Tree and Jeremiah 10

Instead of me explaining it, here’s an article that explains Jeremiah 10 very clearly. This article explains what Jeremiah 10:2-4 really means in its proper context. This is the correct way to interpret Jeremiah 10. Those who claim that Jeremiah 10 speaks against Christmas are totally in error in their understanding and interpretation of Scripture. Here then is the article, Jeremiah 10 and Christmas Trees.

Jesus is Immanuel!

Those who claim that Christmas is not the exact date of Christ’s birth and makes a big fuss about it is missing the point. The incarnation — God becoming flesh — is the most important event and the greatest miracle that even happened. The angels rejoiced at the birth of Christ! Shouldn’t we too? Who cares about the date? We celebrate because Jesus is Immanuel! We celebrate because “the God who saves” is “God with us.”

Suggested Reading

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