Discover the Word Begins

Last night, Discover the Word, a discipleship class which I have proposed and was approved by the leadership of ReThink Community began its first meeting with 7 people in attendance including myself.

It has been my passion to share what I have learned about the Bible to everyone who is interested and especially the youth. It is my hope that through this discipleship class, some may find it useful in their Christian walk with God and become transformed by the renewing of their minds — becoming more and more like Christ as years go by.

A few have shown their interest as well but they are quite far from where I am. One person who was interested is now in Qatar,  another one in Baguio, one in Bulacan, another in Cagayan de Oro and another one in Zamboanga City. Since some are interested online, I have video recorded the whole session last night.

I guess I will be doing that each time so that those who are interested wherever they may be can also join us. May the Lord bless this ministry. Please pray for me as well so that I could do this regularly every week. God bless!
Those who missed the class, here is last night’s video:

How I Spent My Valentine’s Day: Car Tune Up!

For many, it seems to me that Valentine’s Day is a special day. In my case, I have grown up without really making the day as something special. It’s just me. No offense meant to those who love to make the day special.

Jokingly this morning, I posted in my Facebook account that I really don’t need a Valentine since I am a Valentine. My dad named me after my grandfather, Valentin. So, my wife has got a funny Valentine!

One other interest that I have which I guess I have inherited from my dad was his love for engines and vehicles. As a young boy, I grew up in a home where the living room, the dining area and other parts of the house had engine or vehicle parts all over. Our house back then sometimes was like an auto repair shop! Outside the house there were trucks, a pickup, a wrecker and a jeep. And I used to run errands to buy spare parts when my dad and his mechanic/s or driver/s were fixing or doing some repairs. I hated that part of going to the auto supply shop when something is being fixed or repaired. I wanted to see the whole thing and how it was done or fixed. That ended when I was sent to Manila to get a college education. But I got interested in engines too because of that early exposure as a young boy from my dad.

Beginning sometime in 1987, it has become my habit to clean my car’s spark plugs and tune up the car myself. Of course, there are occasions when I go to a shop or hire a mechanic to do it for me but normally, I do the tune up myself. I love to drive the car when I know the engine is in top shape. It’s been about 30 years now and thankfully, I’m still able to do it myself somewhat. But maybe in the coming years, I may have to ask someone to do it for me since I’m now a senior citizen. But for now, it’s a kind of hobby also aside from photography or biblical study.

I also owe my knowledge and experience with engines and vehicles to a dear friend, the late Capt. Jess Bahinting, a pilot and an aircraft mechanic. He was then a pastor in Cagayan de Oro and I was the associate pastor. I also learned from another dear friend, Tadeo “Boy” Almera, an expert mechanic. We were all together for some 5 years and we fixed a lot of vehicles. We bought vehicles for our pastors, sold vehicles, fixed, repaired, repainted vehicles — we were like an automotive shop haha! We sort of “maintained” the church’s fleet vehicles in our area. Those were the days.

Oh well, just reminiscing the good old days.

Launching of Passion Anonymous

It was great to join some 60 or more youths who had great fun last night at the ReThink Community Hall in Santa Rosa, Laguna for the launching of Passion Anonymous — an idea hatched by the youths of Rethink Community led by Al Santillan.

Youth guest speakers and artists were invited to share their talents or their passion — what they’re passionate about — to the crowd of youths that gathered last night. It was fun.

For last night, a youthful-looking assistant professor from La Salle was invited to speak about his passion — design thinking. It sparked the interest of many. There were also some six bands — they call it “gigs” haha! — who shared and played their original compositions. The youths sure did have fun alright. While the “gigs”were playing, a digital artist who was one of the invited guests, did his on-the-spot-painting and was shown on the screen for everyone to see.

As a senior citizen, it was fun to see the young ones enjoying their time together. It reminded me of the time when I was also doing “gigs” with my brother every night during my younger days.