Year-end Thoughts

year-end thoughts
Wow! What a year it was! It’s December 31, 2012 and it’s a year-end, the last day of this year! And these past few days, I’ve been thinking and looking back at my blog posts. (I have just transferred my blog from Joomla! to WordPress) What a year it was! I now can see the value of a blog.

It used to be that diaries were used to record one’s thoughts, activities and whatever—and it was a private thing that you do. With the advent of the internet, what used to be written in diaries are now in blogs—and it can been read by everyone if you wish to to make it public. This year-end gave me the time to do just that.

Looking Back at Year-end

As I read my past blogs (many of those posts sounded “theological“—sorry about that hehe…), I can’t help but thank the Lord for helping me and guiding me all the way through my ups and downs in life. I started this blog right after my retirement from full-time ministry in February 2009. And from reading and looking back at all those years, all the thoughts and emotions during those turbulent years of my life came back. I thank the Lord for helping me out through those years.

This year has been a challenging year—filled with joy as well as sorrow. For example, on March 1, I had my first experience of what it was like to have a very high blood pressure which made me dizzy—the whole world turning around in front of me—as I was driving at high speed at the expressway!

It made me realize I’m no longer young and I’m no longer able to do things which I was able to do so easily during my younger days. I’m no longer as healthy as I used to be. Life is so fleeting—“here today and gone tomorrow” as the saying goes. This year also, a fellow pastor and dear friend who was a pilot passed away so suddenly—just like that—and he’s gone. But life goes on and those of us who are left behind have to carry on with life and live it to the fullest. It will be interesting as I become a senior citizen in a couple of years—God willing.

Looking Forward at Year-end

Life has always been filled with challenges. We have our triumphs as well as our trials. But we don’t give up. We’re filled with hope. We have hope in Jesus Christ. He gave us his assurance. He is preparing a place for us. Life can be tough but he will never leave us nor forsake. No one—no, nothing whatsoever—can separate us from God’s love. We will be with him when the time comes (Second Coming) or when our time comes (when we die)—whichever comes first.

And what is even more reassuring is that even right now—in our present life—we can already enjoy, participate and fellowship in the loving relationship of our Triune God through our Lord Jesus Christ. He is already with us right now. Despite our trials and challenges, we can have inner joy all the time even in this our lifetime.

This year, I hope to write more often and more openly about my thoughts and feelings as a Christian going through life and love in Jesus Christ.

Thank you Lord for the past year. Looking forward to another wonderful year. Happy new year to all!

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  1. Writing a blog can have some of the most amazing impacts on people around but more often the greatest impact is within our personal lives. If I read back on the personal situations I’ve commented on I also for a second shudder inside just the same as you expressed when reading back on some of your previous blogs which is down to this common occurrence.

    When battling through our spiritual journey human’s at times struggle within their spiritual growth which is often down to our natural unforgiving nature towards ourselves. Foolishly we can beat ourselves up emotionally to induce personal discouragement.

    Over the years I’ve had to develop the habit of not being so hard on myself when reading back on my past observations but instead realising that though at times I personally suffered the common ailment of spiritual immaturity not everything I expressed and learnt was a waste of time to either myself or others. As soon as I’m more forgiving of any of my past observations it’s interesting how many of those moments then have added value to any present challenges I face (even when they lack a balanced view).

    Anyway glad your writing a blog like this, I hope more men of leadership within our little family take up the challenge as the pen is always mightier than the sword!!!

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