Will God Really Forgive Me?

Will God Forgive Me?Over a week or so ago, a plumber was at home to fix a plumbing fixture. The landlady normally calls for him to fix whatever problems we may have with our rented apartment.

After he had checked the plumbing problem, I was surprised that he lingered a little bit more and was not in a hurry to leave. I thought that was a bit odd and I was getting a bit impatient as we both stood at the door engaging in conversation. I was hoping he would leave soon ’cause I had other things to do. I was “busy.”

Will God Forgive Me of My Past Sins

But then he asked, “Pastor, will God really forgive me of my past sins?” That surprised me because I thought he didn’t know that I was once a full-time pastor. Word gets out fast in the neighborhood I would suppose. He asked me about forgiveness. Anyway, to make a long story short, I assured him that God loves him and that all his past sins have already been forgiven. He need not worry about it. The burden of trying to appease an angry God surely was on his mind. I told him that God loves him so much and that his sins were already forgiven. He felt so relieved to have been given such an assurance. He said his past sins bothered him for many years knowing that he really did something that was really, really bad. He wasn’t sure about God’s forgiveness. Will God forgive him? Will he not enter heaven? These thoughts bothered him.

I saw the joy on his face very much relieved having been given the assurance that God has really forgiven him of his past sins. He finally went out the door very much a happy man knowing what God’s forgiveness truly is all about. I was joyful myself that God has used me in such an unexpected way to share the good news to a man who was conscience-stricken all his life because of his past sins. His face brimmed with joy as he walked out the door.

Truly, knowing the truth does make a man freeā€”free of guilt, sin and shame. Free of living a fearful life wondering all his life if he could enter heaven. God through Jesus Christ gives us the assurance. God loves us and he has already forgiven us. Through Christ, it’s already a reality. The only question that remains is, will you accept this love and forgiveness from a loving God or will you reject it? Will you repent and believe this good news? I’d say accept it and enjoy life forever more.

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