Weddings and Parties

My wife and I had just attended a wedding ceremony for a couple whose parents—on both sides—have been our close friends for many decades now. It was a wonderful occasion and my wife and I were glad to have been invited as sponsors along with other friends.

Weddings are wonderful occasions where love between a bride and a groom is expressed publicly and their union as husband and wife are formally recognized and acknowledged by the community. Contrary to what some may say, marriage is a divine institution ordained of God and is not something that man just made up out of the blue. Marriage is God-ordained and not to be entered into lightly.

But where does love come from? Where did the bride’s love for her groom come from and vice versa? Why do we love our mates? Why do parents love their kids and kids love their parents? Did it just happen to be that way? Why does love make us happy? Are we humans just accidents in time and space?

TrinityWell, love comes from God. In fact, God is love (1 John 4:8). It did not originate from you and me. It comes from God and he shares it with us. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit have decided from before the beginning of time to share their life and love with us and to include us into their inner community. The reason why we enjoy family time, group outings, community activities, weddings and parties is because God is interested in giving us joy within the community where love—God’s love—can be shared. God is a God who loves weddings and banquets! Through his Son, Jesus Christ, he is inviting us to participate and join the fun! You are loved, included and invited! Come and join the fun!

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