We Were Always On His Mind

We were happy to see again some of our brethren who were recently hospitalized due to sickness. May they all recover fully and we continue to pray for God’s intervention for their complete healing.

For this session, we continued to follow the outline given for the 40 Days of Discipleship, a discipleship material provided by Grace Communion International. More particularly, we devoted this session to discussing the article, We Were Always On His Mindwritten by Dr. Joseph Tkach.

Discussions focused on the Trinity doctrine and some of the questions that were generated were on salvation, human freedom and other inter-related topics. I shared to the group that the Trinity doctrine shows that God is love and that God is a God of relationships.

I can sense that we as a group are growing in the grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s been wonderful thus far. We were happy to see those we missed these past few weeks.

For those who are following us on the internet, here’s the video of that session. We had a lively discussion:

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