Twenty-Five Years of Service

Yesterday in Baguio City, during the last day of our denominational convention, my wife and I received a plaque of appreciation for our twenty-five years of service in full-time ministry. We were also given gold watches with the name of our denomination, Grace Communion International, embossed inside the watch.

Years of Service: 23 Years and Four Months

That was so unexpected because I was actually retired back in February 2009—not exactly 25 years yet—lacking one year and eight months more or less. Additionally, the year 2010 had already passed for more than two years. It was therefore quite a pleasant surprise! But my wife and I were glad to be honored as we continue serving in ministry although no longer a full-time employee of the church. My thanks to our national director and to our pastor general for this gift and for this token of appreciation. More than the gift, it’s really the thought that counted. It’s what really touched our hearts. It’s much appreciated.

Continuing Ministry

I no longer pastor any local church but I continue to get involved in preaching and teaching opportunities as I get to be invited in the local churches. The Lord has led me as well into some kind of online ministry. Since the year 2001, I somehow got interested to get into it. Some call it web ministry or internet evangelism. Doing pastoral work does have its challenges but doing ministry online has its own challenges as well. Either way—pastoral ministry or web ministry—doing the Lord’s work can be quite challenging and exciting. It’s not for the faint-hearted. I thank the Lord for allowing me to participate in his work.

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