The Babylon Connection? A Change of View

babylon-mysteryIn my last blog, I wrote about Ralph Woodrow, author of the book, Christmas Reconsidered. It is interesting to note that this Christian author changed his view about what he previously believed in and wrote about in his old book.

Ralph Woodrow wrote the book, Babylon Mystery Religion in 1966 while he was still young in his early 20’s. His book spread worldwide and was believed by many as a scholarly work. He was quoted around the world as an “authority” on the subject.

But after more than two decades—surprise!—he changed his view and removed this book from publication. Instead, he wrote another book, The Babylon Connection? to explain why he changed his view and removed the older book from circulation.

babylon-connectionFinancially, it was a bad decision. He was earning quite well from his older book. But why did he change his mind? What moved him to do such a move? Isn’t that interesting? Here’s a man who changed his view and people—Christians!—discredit him, malign him, damn him and would like to kill him for doing so. He stood for the truth though it meant loss of income. Be sure to read Ralph Woodrow’s explanation why he changed his view by clicking this link.

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