Taal Volcano and Lake on a Clear Day

One wonderful thing about living in Santa Rosa, Laguna is that it is quite near Tagaytay City, one of the cool spots where people go for vacation or just spend a weekend there away from a busy work week in Metro Manila. Traffic is getting heavier than in previous years but still it’s a good place to go to on a weekend. It is where one can find the so-called smallest volcano in the world. But of course, some would say that the lake itself is the crater or the mouth of a big volcano. Whatever… but it’s a nice cool place to go to.

Most days when I go there it’s foggy and I can’t get a good shot of the volcano and the lake. But this afternooon, I got lucky. It’s a bright and sunny day today as I went home and passed by the volcano and lake. I finally got some good shots.

If you’re new here in my blog site, you will notice that I love photography as an art expression. I just love and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.

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