Speaking the Truth in Love

In their enthusiasm to share the truth, some people knowingly or unknowingly offend other people’s feelings. As they attempt to share the gospel, they speak out their heart without caution—without regard if they are hurting or putting down the other person—calling them names which oftentimes are filled with sarcasm, prejudice and ridicule. They are quick to correct people’s attitudes. Sometimes it’s intentional to retaliate from an insult received or sometimes one speaks out of pride to show off one’s biblical superiority over others.

speak truthThis is bad news—not good news. We’re supposed to share the gospel—the good news! We’re not looking for someone to argue with and fight with. We are supposed to share God’s good news and give an answer to those who are truly seeking and hungering for God’s Word. Sad to say, it would seem to me that some people only enjoy debating and arguing for the sake of having fun and to boost their ego.

God Loves Everyone

The Lord reminds us to speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15). God loves every human being (John 3:16). Whether we know it or not, all of humanity is beloved of God and we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. When we look at people this way—with love because after all they’re all our brothers and sisters—we can speak the truth to them in love, with kindness, with gentleness, with compassion, with understanding, with humility.

Let’s all speak the truth in love.

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