Nuvali Morning Dew and a Rainbow

My wife and I went to the Nuvali Lakeside Picnic Grounds for our usual morning brisk walking exercise despite the weather forecast which said, “Expect showers Saturday morning.” Well, it did rain a little bit during our third lap around the lake but it was Ok. We were prepared because we had jackets.

And as usual, I took some shots using my Sony Xperia smartphone (model no. F-3216). It can take shots up to 21 megapixels. Here are four shots today.

Close up Shots at Nuvali

Due to rains and other concerns, my wife and I were not able to do our regular morning brisk walk at the Nuvali Lakeside Picnic Grounds this past week. But yesterday, we were back again doing our regular exercise for our health’s sake. I’m now a senior citizen haha!

I usually take snapshots along the way as we walk and for a good number of times now, I used my smartphone. But somehow, I just could not get a good close up shot with my smartphone. Maybe it doesn’t take good close up shots or maybe I still don’t know yet how to do that since my phone is still new and I’m still discovering what it can do.

So for yesterday’s shots, I brought along my old reliable Panasonic Lumix GX1 compact camera and attached to it my 20mm lens. This is a micro four thirds camera and the 20mm lens is somewhat equivalent to the normal 50mm lens of a regular, standard camera. I was pleased to to get some good close up shots. Here are some of those shots. Just click the image to zoom in.

Brisk Walking and Photoshooting at Nuvali

Due to my health condition, my wife and I visit the Nuvali Lakeside Picnic Grounds at least twice each week for an early morning brisk walk in the hope that it will help improve my health somewhat. It actually feels good when I’m able to have my morning exercise.

Nuvali Lakeside Picnic Grounds

The place is really quite nice and it has lots of scenic spots which I can’t help but take snapshots of. I guess I’ll never get out of this habit of taking snapshots wherever I go. Every time my wife and I go there, I always take snapshots and short videos. It has become a habit.┬áIf I have the time, I will gather all those shots and make it into one album and share it here in my blog site. For most of my recent shots (photos and videos), I’ve been using my Sony Xperia (F3216) smartphone.

Let me share a video which I took today at Nuvali.