Philippine Partisan Politics

typhoonyolandaI am really grieved that partisan politics in the Philippines is very much alive even in the midst of a great disaster like this recent one brought about by Typhoon Yolanda, the strongest typhoon ever recorded in history. According to Sec. Voltaire Gazmin, the secretary of the Dept. of National Defense, a barangay captain did not give relief goods to his constituents who did not vote for him during the recently-held barangay elections. This is really quite frustrating for me to hear (if this is true). It’s a sad state of affairs.

Partisan Politics

Even in social media and mass media in general (radio, TV and print), it would seem to me that commentaries or posts are tainted with political overtones. There are accusations and blame hurled from each side of whatever political leaning one may have. There is a great and bitter divide in this country. There seems to be no unity. There is only chaos and confusion. Each side blaming each other.

A Ray of Hope

On a positive note, I am glad to see that some government officials have admitted to some inadequacies in their handling of the relief goods distribution. It’s also good to hear that some accepted the criticisms positively. I am also glad to note that on this 7th day after the typhoon, both the government and private sectors are beginning to get more organized and mobilized to bring the relief goods to the intended recipients. As the saying goes, “in unity, there is strength.” “United we stand, divided we fall.” May we all be united in Jesus Christ.

God bless the Philippines!

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