Brisk Walking and Photoshooting at Nuvali

Due to my health condition, my wife and I visit the Nuvali Lakeside Picnic Grounds at least twice each week for an early morning brisk walk in the hope that it will help improve my health somewhat. It actually feels good when I’m able to have my morning exercise.

Nuvali Lakeside Picnic Grounds

The place is really quite nice and it has lots of scenic spots which I can’t help but take snapshots of. I guess I’ll never get out of this habit of taking snapshots wherever I go. Every time my wife and I go there, I always take snapshots and short videos. It has become a habit. If I have the time, I will gather all those shots and make it into one album and share it here in my blog site. For most of my recent shots (photos and videos), I’ve been using my Sony Xperia (F3216) smartphone.

Let me share a video which I took today at Nuvali.

Discover the Word: The Holy Spirit

Some say the Holy Spirit is merely power which God uses. Others say, the Holy Spirit is a person.  There seems to be some confusion over this matter.

For this 20th session, we discussed the topic on the Holy Spirit based on the article written by Dr. Mike Morrison entitled, The Holy Spirit. The article presented proofs that the Holy Spirit is God and has attributes only God has like: being eternal, omnipresent and omniscient. The Holy Spirit also creates, empowers miracles and is doing the work or ministry of God.

It is comforting to know that God continues to work in us perfecting us to become like Christ through the Holy Spirit living in us and guiding us each and everyday of our lives. The reason we can say that the Father and the Son lives in us is because the Holy Spirit does live in us as Jesus had promised.

The group appreciated the well-written article and expressed how they have gained more knowledge and understanding from this session.  Here’s the video of our 20th session:

Reflections at Nuvali Lakeside Picnic Grounds

Yesterday my wife and I went to Nuvali Lakeside Picnic Grounds once again for our usual brisk walking exercise. It has become our habit to go there regularly for my health sake. I’m now a senior citizen and some 4 years ago, I found out that I have a heart problem. I need to take more care of myself.

But as always, I could not help myself but take photos of the wonderful scenery around me. I always end up photoshooting aside from brisk walking haha!

For yesterday’s photos, it was quite a clear day and the water in the artificial lake was so clear and calm so I took advantage of the reflections in the water as my theme. For all these photos, I used my smartphone Sony Xperia F3216.

I have actually taken a lot of shots already of this same place but there is always something new and beautiful to shoot each time. As time permits, I will share it all here in my blog site.