Discover the Word: Is Jesus Really God?

Last Friday, July 14 we resumed our regular Discover the Word discipleship class with some newcomers after a break of one week. As with previous sessions, our time together was fun and although we only intended to spend about an hour and a half regularly but we usually go overtime because everyone seems to enjoy sharing their thoughts and we’re all having fun learning together as one church family in the Lord.

We discussed three articles namely: 1) Is Jesus Really God (A Look at the Arian Controversy), 2) What Jesus’ Incarnation Shows Us About What It Means to Be Human and, 3) Jesus: The Unexpected Messiah. These are all selected articles forming as part of the 40 Days of Discipleship materials that our denomination has prepared.

I am happy to know that some people are following our sessions. Several people this past week has told me they are following us. Thank you.

Here’s the video of that session last Friday:

You Can Be Wrong Though You Are Right

If you really think about it, Jesus’ instruction is simple. He told us to love God and to love our neighbors. He told us to love our enemies. Paul explains what this godly love is all about in his letter to the Corinthians Christians (1 Corinthians 13). He also explained to the Galatian Christians what fruit is produced by those who are led and guided by the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). We can learn lessons from these passages of Scripture.

This means that God has a standard for what is right and what is wrong. He has determined it. We are not the authority. God has determined what is good manners and what is bad manners — godly conduct and evil conduct.

One can be right and yet be totally wrong. One can be absolutely right in his principles and doctrines and yet be totally wrong in attitude by showing his obnoxious, flawed and repulsive character.

To some extent, the apostle Paul was once like that. He was zealous and dedicated to what he truly believed was right. He really believed Christians were heretics. He thought he was serving God by killing, persecuting and putting Christians in jail. He falsely accused them of spreading wrong doctrines worthy of death.  This can happen to anyone of us too. We can develop so much hatred against certain persons because we believe they are heretics and hated of God and therefore we think we have the right to ridicule them, speak evil of them and character-assassinate them.

Without realizing it, our thoughts, words and actions are obvious to others but we usually don’t see it ourselves. They can see just how flawed and bad our character is. But we’re blinded by our “own righteousness” thinking that God is on our side.

Yes, we can be wrong even though we may be right when we hate, despise and speak evil of others and accuse them of wrongdoing.

Lord open our eyes and change our hearts and minds, in Jesus name, Amen.

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Discover the Word: Who is this Man?

It’s amazing that last Friday was already our 17th session of our discipleship class which we have called, Discover the Word. Thus far, those who are attending regularly have appreciated the value of continuing to know the Lord more and more so that as we gain more head knowledge (knowing) about God, this information is “internalized” so to speak, as it touches our hearts (being) thus leading to action (doing) — bringing about real transformation in the life of a Christian as he journeys through life with and in Christ.

For this meeting we focused on the article entitled, Who is this Man? It’s an article written by Dr. Joseph Tkach, the president of Grace Communion International. He wrote about who the Lord Jesus Christ is as revealed in Scripture.

There was a lively discussion as usual and we actually went overtime. Many appreciated the well-written article which gave them more understanding about who our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is. Here’s the video of that session: