Thanks Meralco for Trimming our Trees!

I really appreciate the Meralco maintenance crew who without fail have been visiting our trees in the community and trimming it every 3 or 4 months for free hahaha! I just love to see them work cutting the branches and twigs that may cause harm when it touches their high tension electrical wires above us. I heard it’s about 34,000 kilovolts!

Of course, they are actually just trying to take care of their high tension electrical lines. But I’m sure glad to see them taking care of these things to keep the community safe from electrical hazards especially when there are typhoons. Their machines can really cause a lot of noise in the neighborhood though. But that’s OK, once in a while. Thank you Meralco folks!

Discover the Word – Session 11

Last night, we had the lowest attendance so far. There were only 4 of us. But just the same, we continued with our study of the Word for the 11th time. For this session, we continued and finished Part 2 of the booklet/article, The God Revealed in Jesus Christ.

Having to study the material more thoroughly because I need to teach and share it has actually given me more understanding and deeper insight in the process. Also the questions raised and/or comments made by the group members during our past ten sessions have sharpened and enhanced my view about the Incarnational, Trinitarian theology that I hold on to. Although I have read most of the articles many times some years ago, I thank the Lord that he has given me the joy of gaining more and more understanding about this good news of God’s life and love for all humanity and all of his creation.

It was once again another fun time to study the Word of God. Here’s the video of this session:

Discover the Word – Session 10

We continued with our study of the article, The God Revealed in Jesus ChristOnce again we had a lively discussion although we were only a few who attended. It was exciting to see that we were all growing in understanding about our Triune God. For this session, we were able to finish part 1 of the booklet. We will continue with Part 2 in the next session.

Unfortunately,  I also forgot to turn on my camera for video recording so — my apologies. Thankfully, I was able to turn on my iPhone for audio recording. For the first part of this session, I shared with the group an excerpt of Dr. Gary Deddo’s video in 2010 where he shared his thoughts about figurative language and the afterlife.

I have so many material that I want to share so I’m giving it to the group bit by bit as time permits. So here’s the audio/video recording from last week’s session: