Web Development: Learning the Hard Way

Learning Web Development

Sometime in 2001, I created my first website for my church using Microsoft FrontPage. I learned about web development and how to make a website through self-study. Back then, I had so much passion in learning how to make websites and thankfully, through persistence and diligent self-study, I eventually learned how to do it. I was already about 45 years old when I began to study about website design haha! Yes, I did not go through college and earn a degree on Information Technology. Rather, I learned through the “school-of-hard-knocks!” And I was a full-time pastor at that time. I am proof that one can still learn in his old age haha!

Content Management Systems

Microsoft FrontPage was eventually phased out by Microsoft but thankfully, I also learned about Dreamweaver, another program used in making websites. That helped me a lot as I studied more and more about web development.

I also learned about Joomla! quite well—a content management system (CMS) as web developers call it. I built several websites using this CMS. I also learned another CMS called Drupal but I found it too cumbersome to use. I never created a site using this tool but did encounter a few times where I had been asked to fix a Drupal site.

Nowadays, I stick with WordPress which started out as a website making tool in blog format but has now developed to become a great CMS. I have moved all my Joomla! sites to WordPress because it’s easier to use and more user-friendly — as I see it. Others may disagree of course haha!

On Creating Websites

From time to time, somebody would ask me to make a website for them. I normally would use WordPress to make one for them especially since I have become more familiar with it over the years and I deal mostly with WordPress websites on a daily basis. This personal blog site was made using WordPress. I originally created this site using Joomla!  but moved it to WordPress after a number of years.

Currently, I am maintaining several WordPress websites and two of those are for non-profit organizations. I do not earn anything from those two non-profit sites. Up to now, I continue to believe the internet is a good avenue to share the gospel throughout the whole world. Internet evangelism — it seems to me — will always be my passion for the Lord. Or rather, it is the passion of my heart that God has given to me. So I get involved and participate right there — where the Lord has placed me.

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