Non-praying Mantis?

Praying MantisAs my wife and I got off the car, we noticed a praying mantis (I’m not sure if it is but it looks like it) on top of the car. I took a shot. Why do I take interest in such things? Well, I guess God has wired me to love photography—and take shots of his creation—showing the wonders of what he has created.

Praying Mantis Pose

I thought it was interesting that this mantis didn’t take off and leave as I pointed my camera and took several shots. It posed for my camera. I really have no idea how it got there. Did it cling on to the car while I was driving form our home to the mall? I don’t know. I’m not so sure if it can do that. Anyway, it was an opportunity not to be missed for photography enthusiasts like me haha!