Longing For Home

Experiencing Homesickness

Have you ever experienced being homesick when you are far away from home? I guess many of us have had that kind of experience at one point or many times in our lives. We know how it feels to be so far away from home. My first ever experience was when I was a teenager. After I finished high school in my hometown of Bayugan, I was sent to the big and crowded city of Metro Manila to get a college education. That was the loneliest time I ever felt because it was the first time I was away from home from my family and to be alone in a totally new world in the big city. I really longed to be back home at that time. The first few years in college was tough. I somehow got adjusted to the new environment eventually.

Longing for Home is Longing for God

By God’s grace, I now understand that this longing for home is something that God has built into us. God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit is a God of relationships. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit have been enjoying their life and love together for all eternity. The Triune God created us for relationship with him. He wants us to be included into this wonderful, happy and lasting relationship. From the foundation of the world, he has decided to adopt us as his children. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit wants us to be included into their inner circle of life and love for all eternity. He has created us to long for home. I’m not just talking about being home with our immediate family but to be home with our loving God. Without God in our lives, we can somehow sense that something is missing — a kind of emptiness that needs to be filled. It is as if we are away from home. That is why we long for home. God wants us to be included into the life and love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Dr. C. Baxter Kruger has helped me understand this point more clearly in his book, The Great Dance. I also really like the way David Kowalick has phrased it in a somewhat picturesque language in his book, All About Glory:

  • “I well remember poignant moments such as standing on a beach or a mountain top, watching the sunset after a magnificent day spent with friends sharing good times, when, for the briefest moments, it was as if the celestial curtain lifted on a heavenly wind, and allowing me to momentarily gaze into the very meaning of creation. In these moments I often experience a deep sadness; a sweet nostalgic sense of loss. I was incapable of explaining these emotions at the time, but I have since come to recognise them as a longing for ‘home.'”

Home in Jesus Christ

Those who have come to see that Christ is already in them are already “home” right now enjoying life and love — a loving relationship — with him, in him and through him. But there is also a final fulfillment in the future when God will dwell with men and there will be no more war, no more tears, no more sorrow and no more pain. What a wonderful future that would be! At that time, we will finally be home enjoying eternal life and love with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In the meantime, we continue to share this good news, we continue to wait and hope with joy, assurance and anticipation that when the Lord returns, we will finally be home with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit enjoying the great dance of life and love forever!

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Longing for Home
Majestic sunset as viewed at the Commander’s Lounge of the Philippine Navy Headquarters at the Manila Bay. (Click to zoom)

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