Launching of Passion Anonymous

It was great to join some 60 or more youths who had great fun last night at the ReThink Community Hall in Santa Rosa, Laguna for the launching of Passion Anonymous — an idea hatched by the youths of Rethink Community led by Al Santillan.

Youth guest speakers and artists were invited to share their talents or their passion — what they’re passionate about — to the crowd of youths that gathered last night. It was fun.

For last night, a youthful-looking assistant professor from La Salle was invited to speak about his passion — design thinking. It sparked the interest of many. There were also some six bands — they call it “gigs” haha! — who shared and played their original compositions. The youths sure did have fun alright. While the “gigs”were playing, a digital artist who was one of the invited guests, did his on-the-spot-painting and was shown on the screen for everyone to see.

As a senior citizen, it was fun to see the young ones enjoying their time together. It reminded me of the time when I was also doing “gigs” with my brother every night during my younger days.

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