Is Jesus Really God?

Last Friday, July 14 we resumed our regular Discover the Word discipleship class with some newcomers after a break of one week. As with previous sessions, our time together was fun and although we only intended to spend about an hour and a half regularly but we usually go overtime because everyone seems to enjoy sharing their thoughts and we’re all having fun learning together as one church family in the Lord.

We discussed three articles namely: 1) Is Jesus Really God (A Look at the Arian Controversy), 2) What Jesus’ Incarnation Shows Us About What It Means to Be Human and, 3) Jesus: The Unexpected Messiah. These are all selected articles forming as part of the 40 Days of Discipleship materials that our denomination has prepared.

I am happy to know that some people are following our sessions. Several people this past week has told me they are following us. Thank you.

Here’s the video of that session last Friday:

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