Implied Truth and the Use of Reason

implied truthSome people claim that using “human reasoning” is wrong and that we should only rely on God’s Word. They claim that if it is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, then it must be false. You have to produce the verse and the chapter or else, it’s not the “truth” according to Scriptures. It sounds “logical.” It sounds pious and righteous.

But they misunderstand what is implied truth and what is explicit truth found in the Bible. Some think that all truths in the Bible are all only explicitly stated. They are wrong. That’s not the case at all. Let’s try to clarify this issue.

Here’s an example: Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” What is explicit in this statement? Well, clearly that “God created the heavens and the earth” as explicitly stated. God created the whole universe. That’s clear.

But is there something implied in this statement? Yes there is—that God is Creator as clearly implied by that same statement. Don’t you agree? Do you think only the explicit statement is true and the implied statement is false? Don’t you agree that Genesis 1:1 is saying that God is Creator? That’s clearly implied in the statement.

Using Logic and Reason

How did we arrive at such a conclusion that God is Creator in Genesis 1:1? Well, by using our God-given reason! Sad to say, some think that using reason is wrong and that the only truths in the Bible are those that are explicitly stated. Some people never stop to reason against reason.

In the Bible, there is no explicit statement, word for word,  which says exactly that, “God is Creator.” That is what some are demanding before they will believe the Bible. They want an explicit statement for it to be considered as the truth. It is as if the Bible was written like an almanac or a dictionary that is arranged alphabetically.

But we surely can use our God-given intellect to reason and conclude from Genesis 1:1 that God is Creator—an implied statement deduced by using reason!

Of course, it goes without saying that if we rely only and solely on our own human reasoning without God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit, then that is clearly wrong.

But clearly, we have to use reason and both the implied and the explicit statements should be considered in order to arrive at a correct understanding of what God is truly saying in the Bible. Many truths in the Bible can be derived and deduced from what is implied aside from explicit statements.

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