Humor in Photos

humor in photos
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If you’ve been following my blogs here, you will notice that sometimes I post humorous photos. At least, it’s humorous to me. Here are two photos I took while I was driving—it’s a “drive-by shooting” haha!

In this first photo, I was passing by the gate of a subdivision and I happened to see the security guard fixing a tarpaulin high up on a wall without the aid of any ladder. At first glance, one would have thought that he looked like a thief trying to escape but actually, he was in uniform haha! He must be an able-bodied young man who is physically-fit to be able to climb that wall that high. I thought it was humorous.

humor in photos
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In this second photo, I noticed a fuel tanker was being used to sprinkle water on the paved concrete which was still being cured. I thought that the mark “flammable” on that truck was somewhat odd and humorous haha!

Surely there is something to smile and laugh about each day.

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