ADSCO: High School Days

For some folks, it was their high school days that were the most memorable moments in their lives. Of course I realize that some would say it was when they were in college. Oh well, whatever. But for me, it was definitely in high school at ADSCO, my alma mater that I enjoyed the most. I was carefree and did not really think so much about life, religion and all that stuff. I just wanted to have fun haha! It’s maybe because I was in my own hometown where I had lots of friends and the place was very familiar to me. In college, away from home and living in a very big city of Manila, I felt lost, alone and only had a few real friends.

Every morning, I’m reminded of my high school alma mater as I drink my hot chocolate in my favorite mug. It was given to me by the school’s president. I was also given a wrist watch. Isn’t that great? Oh by the way, I happen to be the web designer of the school’s website at this link: Agusan del Sur College (ADSCO).

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