Great Shots with a Simple Camera

Waling-waling of Davao City
Back in 2003, I had the privilege of attending a leadership seminar organized by Haggai Institute in Singapore and while there, I was able to buy a simple Mercury digital camera with 3.1 megapixels. The price was within my reach so I bought it. It was not just a camera, it was also a webcam—very handy. This was during the time when laptops did not yet have built-in webcams. It was also able to record sound—audio only—if you want to, aside from being able to take videos as well. It was a great camera until it finally gave up on me after several years and its features began to become obsolete with the coming of newer digital cameras.

mercury digital camera
This Mercury digital camera served me well for many years and gave me wonderful shots. It’s a simple point-and-shoot digital camera. It’s called “DigitalCam Pro” from Mercury Peripherals, Inc.

Above is a sample of a close-up shot of my wife’s waling-waling. She had several varieties of this kind of orchid when we were still living in Davao City. I was amazed myself that it was able to take a very sharp, close-up photo of this flower. It has a close-up feature by the way. I took this shot when this camera was still very new. I did not use any tripod—just hand-held and I kept myself steady. And yet the photo came out to be very sharp.

Here’s another shot of a dendrobium just after the rain—another variety of my wife’s orchid collection in Davao. Not as sharp but still quite lovely just the same.

Mercury is a camera brand name which I think is unheard of unlike Canon, Sony or Nikon for example. But I’m glad I was able to enjoy my Mercury digital camera for a good number of years from the year 2003 to about 2010—some seven years! It’s now part of my old camera collection.

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