Giant Lantern Festival

Giant lantern festival
Last night, we went to the giant lantern festival. It was our first time. It’s a big event out here in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga every year. From what I’ve learned, this has become a tradition in this locality where a contest of really giant lanterns with a diameter of about 20 feet are held each year among the barangays of this city. These lanterns are intricately designed with all the dancing lights with thousands of bulbs and intricate electrical wirings controlled and operated by expert electricians and lantern designers. I understand that last night, the grand champion got One Hundred Twenty Thousand Pesos if I’m not mistaken.

giant lantern festival
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Too bad, we did not have a good vantage point for me to take good photos. There were just too many people eagerly watching and we were stuck behind where the TV production crew and their monitors were placed. We were stuck and squeezed unable to move! Oh well, I just watched the TV monitor instead once in a while haha! It was fun though as my daughter enjoyed it as she really wanted to see the TV production crew do their thing because her college course, Animation, is related to that kind of stuff.

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