First Visit to Sangley Point

It was my first ever visit to Sangley Point in Cavite last Friday, October 10, 2014. I have always heard of that place but it’s only last Friday that I was finally able to see the place. It’s a former US Naval base but is now a Philippine Navy base. It was nice to see the military facility and to see men in uniform all around me—quite a different environment from what I normally am used to seeing.

20141010-P1140196-2What was even more exciting was that I got to personally meet and shook hands with the commander of the Philippine Fleet. He even gave me a bag of goodies to eat which I brought home to the delight of my wife and her neighbor friends.

I learned a lot of things on that visit. For one, I learned that the Philippine Navy is divided into 2 branches namely: the Philippine Fleet and the Marines. The marines are the Philippine Navy soldiers while the Fleet are of course the Philippine Navy’s ships of all shapes and sizes and for different purposes and all other facilities. I also learned that the Navy has its own fleet of airplanes and choppers different from the Philippine Air Force.

That was an interesting visit.