Everybody is Prejudiced

Prejudice, Common to All

Dr. C. Baxter Kruger wears a very thick eyeglass to illustrate how our worldview has distorted or has blinded us about who God is and who we humans are in Jesus Christ.

Back in 1985, one of my mentors told us, “Don’t kid yourselves, everybody’s prejudiced. No one is exempted.” I remember him telling us that somehow we are all biased and we have our own presumptions or presuppositions about the way things are.

That is our worldview — that is the way we look at everything. This is somehow influenced by our background, our education, our environment, our upbringing, etc. Whatever the topic or issue may be at hand, we judge or we label people, things and situations based on our own bias. And sometimes we can judge others harshly. We do make this mistake once in a while — or maybe often — of being too harsh in criticizing people, their culture or maybe their beliefs.

Somehow, we always tend to think of ourselves as being fair and just but I have learned over the years that it’s a good idea to think twice because maybe I’m wrong after all.

Worldviews Can Change

Thankfully, over time, our worldviews can change when we grow up to maturity, when we learn more, when we gain  more knowledge, more understanding, more experience in life and when we gain more wisdom.

One view for me that has changed since about the late 80s and early 90s was my view about the Trinity. I grew up with a Catholic background but the Trinity was just a mere doctrine which was taught to me as a young boy in a Catholic school — nothing more. The Trinity doctrine really had nothing to do with my life.

I began to understand it better and better as God opened my mind to who he really is — the Father, Son and Holy Spirit — through his revelation of himself in Jesus Christ.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit has included me into their inner circle of life and love. I now know that I have been created to enjoy fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit beginning now, at this present time and for all eternity. The Triune God is a God of relationships. He is interested in having a relationship with me and all of humanity.

Surely, we will continue to grope in the dark and live miserable lives  had not God in his amazing grace, opened our minds to know the truth about who God really is and who we really are in Jesus Christ. Thanks be to the Lord.

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  1. This is my experience also Len. Church of England – Worldwide Church of God – Grace Communion International – Trinitarianism. I just love the Christological, Incarnational aspect of Trinitarianism, but still struggle with the idea of the Trinity itself as such. Since you came by a similar route, maybe you or someone else can help me here?

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