Don Carlos, Bukidnon

Going through my files today, I saw a photo of me and my little daughter when we lived in Don Carlos, Bukidnon for about a year sometime in 1986. Back then, I was sent there as a ministerial trainee under a pastor. In this photo, my daughter was about 6 years old. This photo brought back memories of our stay there back when we were still younger and more energetic.

Don Carlos Bukidnon
This is a scanned photo from an old film photo taken in 1986 of me and my daughter when she was about six years old in Don Carlos, Bukidnon. The camera used was a Nikon EM film camera with 50mm lens. Photo by Jojie F. Joson.

My wife took this shot with our Nikon EM film camera with a 50mm Nikon lens. I still have this film camera but it’s now a souvenir item. I don’t use it anymore. But I’m still using the 50mm lens which still works well and produces really good pictures.

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