Christ For Us in Every Respect

“Christ in our place and Christ for us in every respect” —Thomas F. Torrance
“Christ in our place and Christ for us in every respect” —Thomas F. Torrance
There seems to be a lot of focus among Christians on the crucifixion alone. A lot of Christians focus only on the benefits of what they can get out of Christ’s death and they forget about the person and life of Jesus Christ himself.

According to theologian Thomas F. Torrance, “It is curious that evangelicals often link the substitutionary act of Christ only with his death, and not with his incarnate person and life—that is dynamite for them!”

Truly the death of Christ on the cross is a very important atoning work of Christ for all. But Christ’s atoning work not only includes his death on the cross but also includes his birth, life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension—that is, it includes the total person of Jesus Christ both human and divine. Christ is for us in all aspects of our lives.

Christ For Us in Everything

The atoning work of Christ involves all of Jesus, the incarnate person. It involves all that the Lord has done as our substitute and representative to save all of humanity. The atoning work of Christ not only began on the cross but it started even earlier when he was born in Bethlehem. The atoning work of Christ involves all of him—his incarnation, his life, his crucifixion, his burial, his death, his resurrection and his ascension. Christ is for us and takes our place in every respect.

Something is missing if we focus only on the crucifixion and not the total person of Jesus Christ. It is equally missing the point if we claim that the incarnation in and of itself alone constitutes salvation. We must look at the atoning work of Christ as a whole, as one complete atoning work of the incarnate person Jesus Christ for all.

Let us not also forget that right now the Lord Jesus is our High Priest who is busy interceding for us.  Through the Holy Spirit, God is busy leading us, guiding us, transforming us to become like Christ — until Christ be formed in us. When the Lord Jesus comes back, our atonement with God will have been finally, completely and fully realized. This is the final fulfillment of our “at-one-ment” with the Lord. We shall see him face-to-face, and we will be with the Lord forever. This is something to look forward to even as we enjoy life and love in Jesus Christ at the present time.

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Updated: 7/26/17

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  1. Amen !!! We take Jesus as a whole , from the miracle of his birth and the sacrifice that God has done to give us his only begotten to die for our sins and while we are yet sinners Christ died for us , and how he lived on earth is a constant reminder for us Christians to follow him not in words but in deed .

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