Children Photoshoot

Some two weeks ago, I had the privilege of visiting a remote Barangay Day Care Center in Basey, Samar. The national director of Grace Communion International – Philippines brought me along with him to see the place. My church is supporting the outreach activity.

It’s quite some distance from where I am right now in Pampanga. And while there, I once again enjoyed my hobby of photoshooting some barangay children as well as some adults. It was fun to capture life in a remote barangay far away from Manila.

I really love this photo. I was able to capture that moment when the child was looking up so innocently. The colorful flowering plant—I don’t know the name—gave the scene some added beauty for the eye to behold.
This barangay resident gladly gave his best smile for the camera. I love to take headshots of people showing who they are in their own environment.
The uncle and his niece who attends the day care center.

These little kids were wondering who we were—the strangers—intruding into their day care center. I guess this was the reason why there were no smiles when we came in at first.

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