Discover the Word: All Are Included (Clarifying Our Theological Vision, Part 1)

Our meeting last May 19, Friday was cancelled due to my being late. I got stuck in traffic as I drove from the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) to the venue at the ReThink Community Hall in Santa Rosa, Laguna. My apologies to all.  We were able to resume our regular meeting last Friday, May 26.

Essentially  we completed the part on what is meant by “All are included” in Part 1 of Dr. Gary Deddo’s essay, Clarifying Our Theological Vision

Questions were raised on the issue of salvation and the seeming emphasis on a person’s response. Hopefully, these questions will be clarified and answered as we go along and complete reading Part 1 and Part 2 of the essay.

Here’s the video of that session. I made a mistake again — I’m a neophyte videographer haha! — and so the video will only last for about 30 minutes and the rest of the session will all be audio. Have fun listening:

Discover the Word: Theology Affects the Way We Live

The sixth session of our discipleship class started with a review of last week’s topic on “Strong Theology vs. Weak Theology.” After that the group watched two short videoclips coming from Dr. Gary Deddo. These are parts of his lecture in 2010 during a conference in Orlando, Florida. The first one was on “Christ, the Center of All Scripture”and the second one was on “Jesus Christ and Bible Interpretation.” Here are the videoclips for those who are interested:

Since there was a question from last week about Arminianism, I decided to also show a video interview which discusses this topic. This was an interview of Jeff McSwain by Dr. Mike Feazell. Here it is:

We also continued (although quite slow) with our plan to follow and finish the discipleship class materials provided in the 40 Days of Discipleship. For this session we discussed the topic on “Theology Affects the Way We Live.” I also gave the group again an overview of the 40 Days of Discipleship and how we plan to proceed with it.

Since some are following us online, I usually do a video recording of each meeting. But I have to apologize because I forgot to turn on the camera right away when we started. Thankfully, I had an audio recording all throughout. The camera eventually ran out of battery so I was not able to video record the whole thing. The audio recording is just fine though. Here it is:

Preach the Gospel to Yourself

Some years ago I bought a book by Jerry Bridges entitled, “The Discipline of Grace.” What stuck in my mind in that book was the chapter or chapters where he discussed seven points which he learned from Romans 3:19-26. He called this passage as the “gospel in a nutshell.” I made it into a sermon and I shared it to some local congregations years ago where I was once the senior pastor or area superintendent.

Yesterday, I was requested to preach and I decided to share this message again with the ReThink Community, my home church at this time, a local congregation of Grace Communion International in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Here’s the video of that message: