Attending a Debut Party

Last night, my wife and I were invited to the18th birthday of one of my nieces. It was a great opportunity to get to see my relatives once again on my mother’s side as I am not able to see them often.

Time really flies. It used to be that my cousins and I were the young ones—the teenagers. Now, we have become the elderly folks. Such is life. It was therefore a great time to get in touch with my cousins again and also to get to know my nephews and nieces who up to this time, I really don’t know much yet about them. I hope to get to know each one of them more and more as we get to see each other more often.

I was glad to attend Cheslie’s debut who turned 18 last night. She’s the only daughter of one of my first cousins, Luisa. It was a special night for her and we all shared in the joy and the fun during that night. Many of her classmates in Music and even one of her professors from St. Paul’s in Manila attended last night. It was great to hear them play music—piano, flute, violin and their wonderful voices. It’s different when music students and music lovers get together. They played all kinds of music like jazz including operatic voices. It became a great night of fun and great music!

Attending a debut party doesn’t always come my way and it was great to have attended one especially for one of my nieces.

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