Scenic View at Ardent Hot Springs

At Ardent Hot Springs, Camiguin
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Back in April 2005, my daughter was able to capture a really wonderful afternoon scene at the Ardent Hot Springs in Camiguin Island. It was during a youth summer camp and my whole family was there too. As I was busy inside the cottage where we stayed, my daughter suddenly rushed in from the outside asking quickly for my camera. So I gave it to her. What came out was a really wonderful scenic view. Nope, there were no photographic gadgets used. It was just a simple 3.1 megapixel Mercury digital camera—an unheard of camera brand. She took a really good shot!

Great Photo Using Simple Digital Camera

What produced the effect was the smoke produced by the burning leaves gathered by the resort personnel of Ardent Hot Springs as they cleaned up the surroundings. A great photo out of a simple digital camera!

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