Afterglow Before We Go

Several years ago, I attended a seminar in Tagaytay conducted by Dr. Shelly Trebesch of Fuller Theological Seminary. It was attended by many of our top denominational leaders in the Worldwide Church of God (now, Grace Communion International) from around the world along with many of us locally in the Philippines.

During that seminar, I learned that although one may already be retired or maybe in his twilight years like maybe 60 or 70 years old, he can still accomplish a lot of things and leave something worthwhile just before he finally leaves this earth. Dr. Trebesch called that stage in a man’s life as the “afterglow.”

Leaving a Legacy

If I recall rightly, she explained that during the last remaining years–twilight years–of a man’s life, he can still glow so brightly by leaving something worthwhile for humanity. A legacy. Instead of griping and complaining about opportunities he missed in life, he can still make an impact in society. I have never forgotten that seminar ever since. It’s a good lesson for me to remember as I grow older and after having been retired from full-time employment recently.

Moses Shone Brightly at Age 80

Instead of dwelling on self-pity because he was driven out of the Pharaoh’s palace and forced to live in the desert for about 40 years, Moses was one of those who shone brightly and was used by God to lead his people out of Egypt when he was already 80 years old.

Don’t End Up Miserable Till Dying Day

I’m sure that we all know of some senior citizens among us who ended up brightly and successfully in life. But on the other hand, we also know of some who ended up as failures, feeling miserable and sorry for themselves, feeling lonely and defeated up to their dying day.

We Can Still Glow Just Before We Go

I guess it’s not too late for me and for everyone. If it is the Lord’s will to give us a longer life, we can still glow so brightly when we’re old and gray. We can take the right direction and end up a happy and fulfilled person. I thank Dr. Trebesch for that wonderful lesson in life that she gave me. Lord, grant us good health and long life that we may experience an afterglow just before we go.

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