A Family of Photoshop Artists

The other day, I took several shots of my wife while we were brisk walking in the park early in the morning. This evening, she surprised me by showing me her work of merging two images of herself in one photograph. She definitely has gone a long way in manipulating photos using Photoshop! It used to be that she did not even know how to start a computer haha! I now have a family of Photoshop artists!

My two daughters learned Photoshop way, way ahead of me many years ago. When I first began to learn Photoshop—and I’m continuing to learn more—I normally would ask my two daughters how to do it. And now my wife is beginning to learn it quite well too. Hmm…

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  1. Yeah, I thought at first there were two women wearing the same uniform and one of them is your daughter, Ptr. Len…But then as I notice now, they both have the same red shoe, lol….


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