Who is this Man?

It’s amazing that last Friday was already our 17th session of our discipleship class which we have called, Discover the Word. Thus far, those who are attending regularly have appreciated the value of continuing to know the Lord more and more so that as we gain more head knowledge (knowing) about God, this information is “internalized” so to speak, as it touches our hearts (being) thus leading to action (doing) — bringing about real transformation in the life of a Christian as he journeys through life with and in Christ.

For this meeting we focused on the article entitled, Who is this Man? It’s an article written by Dr. Joseph Tkach, the president of Grace Communion International. He wrote about who the Lord Jesus Christ is as revealed in Scripture.

There was a lively discussion as usual and we actually went overtime. Many appreciated the well-written article which gave them more understanding about who our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is. Here’s the video of that session: