The God Revealed in Jesus Christ, Part 2 Continued

After a one week break, we resumed our Discover the Word, our discipleship class for our local church at the ReThink Community. It’s amazing how we have gone this far — Session 15! May the Lord continue to bless this group as we seek to know him and love him more and more.

Sad to say, two of our regular attendees got sick recently and were hospitalized thus they are not able to attend regularly. We pray they will get well soon and be able to join us back again soon.

For this week’s session we discussed Part 2 of the article The God Revealed in Jesus Christ I highly recommend this booklet/article for everyone who are interested to know what incarnational, Trinitarian theology is all about. As I have said to the group, I consider this article as our basic textbook where we can always refer to — to give us the basics of this theology.

For those who are following our sessions on the internet, here’s the video last Friday, June 16, 2017:

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Clarifying Our Theological Vision, Part 1

In response to a question asked in a previous meeting, we started our 14th session with Dr. Mike Feazell’s  “You’re Included” video interview of Dr. Gary Deddo where the topic was on “Those Who Never Heard the Gospel.” Here it is below:

After the video presentation there was some discussion on the topic of the video after which we proceeded with the main topic for the evening. We continued with Dr. Gary Deddo’s essay on “Clarifying our Theological Vision, Part 1” and discussed the meaning of “Union with Christ.” Here’s the video for that evening which I have continued to post here since some are interested and are following us.

Thank you for joining us. Let’s continue to discover the Word of God.