Sharing Life and Love at the Payatas Dumpsite

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One inspiring visit I did recently was in Payatas, the garbage dumpsite of Metro Manila. Last September 4, 2016 my wife and I visited our local congregation, the Payatas Family of Christ Church, a local congregation of Grace Communion International.

Ptr. Fred Millamena (right) and me (left) at their Sunday worship service in Payatas.

Having lost his arrastre job at the South harbor, Ptr. Fred Millamena went to Payatas to look for a place to live in which was rent-free and somehow earn a living in the area. Without realizing it he eventually had a sizable group of several families which started as a church in 1997. The church has continued to serve the community of poor people who make a living out of the garbage they gather from the dumpsite.

This is the Payatas Family of Christ Church, a local congregation of Grace Communion International.

Here’s a video of Ptr. Fred Millamena himself telling the story about how the Lord has reached out to the poorest of the poor at the Payatas garbage dumpsite:

Taw-Kabui Shares Life to Special Children

One of the highlight of my recent visit to Palawan was my visit to Taw-Kabui, a school for special children in Puerto Princesa. I had the opportunity to interview the president of the school, Pastor Solomon Rosario with his wife Ofel and I was inspired by their dedication to help these special children for some ten years now.

A young German volunteer teacher shares her time with the special children at Taw-Kabui.

They went through a lot of hardships and difficulties as they started this ministry and the challenges continue but they have persisted in this ministry knowing that the Lord is with them all the way.

Taw-Kabui is a ministry of the Touch of Grace Christian Fellowship (TGCF), a local congregation of Grace Communion International (GCI) in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Taw-Kabui is a word from the local dialect which means “share a life.”

Here is my interview with the couple: