Daughter’s 3rd Blood Test

blood test
For the 3rd time, my daughter had a blood test and this time for dengue as well. Thankfully, the blood platelet count showed much improvement compared to yesterday and the previous day. Although the previous tests were somewhat low, it was actually still within the normal range but the doctor wanted to see much more improvement before discounting dengue. Thankfully, the blood test result today also showed that my daughter is negative for dengue.

The whole family rejoiced. My daughter’s temperature has been normal since yesterday. It looks like she caught a measles virus a few days ago somewhere. She had a lot of vaccinations when she was still a baby but somehow we missed having her vaccinated for measles I would suppose. She’s getting better and better now and hopefully will be back to school by next week.

Now I can go back to work with a smile. 🙂

Trees and Highways

MacArthur Highway Trees

In this photo is a portion of the MacArthur national highway if you’re passing through from the City of San Fernando to Angeles City in Pampanga and vice-versa. When I first saw these big acacia trees along the highway back in 1985, I was really impressed by the beauty of these MacArthur Highway trees on both sides. It’s really looked very nice and cool — pleasant to the eyes. If I remember right, I think there is also a portion of the national highway somewhere up north in Ilocos Norte where both sides are also adorned with big acacia trees. And if I’m not mistaken, there is also one along the national highway somewhere in Tarlac or Pangasinan. Really nice.

I’m not sure if it has been resolved already but these trees have (or used to have) white markings painted on the tree trunks  by concerned citizens opposed to a move by government to cut these trees for road widening purposes. Maybe it’s been resolved — I don’t know. In another part of this same highway, I did see some of the trees carefully uprooted. I’m assuming they are replanting it in another area. Hmm…

Blood Platelet Count

blood platelet

Blood Platelet

My wife and I brought our daughter back again to the hospital for another blood test as requested by the doctor. The test results showed that her blood platelet count is lower than yesterday which is a cause for concern. Both yesterday’s and today’s blood count are still within normal range but it is a concern since it is getting lower. Glad to know that the doctor is giving wise advise.

We will go back again tomorrow for another blood test. Hope this won’t turn out to be dengue fever and that my daughter will fully recover soon. If it’s not dengue then it’s measles. Somehow we missed having her vaccinated for it if this turns out to be measles. We still have her vaccination records when she was still a baby and it seems like we missed this one. It can be tough for parents—not just for the child—when their children get sick. She had dengue before when she was about 5 years old in Manila. I’m glad the doctor has not suggested that our daughter be admitted to the hospital—as yet. Hoping it doesn’t come to that.