50mm Nikon Lens

50mm Nikon lens
Yesterday, I once again used my old 50mm Nikon lens attached to a Lumix GF1 camera body. I continue to be amazed at how good this old lens can capture photos but once again, I found it difficult to focus manually by just looking at the LCD screen at the back of a modern digital camera. My camera doesn’t have a lens viewfinder. And the old lens doesn’t have an electronic connection to the digital camera body. Oh well… I still am pleased with the result of the photo I took of the sunset yesterday. It really is a challenge to use manual settings. But it was fun.

Durians in Davao

durians in davao
My wife buying durians and sweet pomelos in Calinan, Davao City.

My family and I once lived in Davao City for some seven years and there are so many good things I love about the place. For one, I really love the many varieties of durians in Davao that are available almost the whole year round. My wife and I loved to eat this fruit which for some “smells like hell” haha! Not for us. In so far as my wife and I are concerned, this fruit “tastes like heaven” haha!

In this photo, my lovely wife and I dropped by at Calinan to buy some sweet pomelos and durians. Calinan is known to produce some of the best durians in Davao. And the pomelos are really great too. Davao’s pomelos are the best I’ve tasted so far. We were on our way to Cagayan de Oro from Davao City on this trip sometime in 2003.

Missions at the Foot of Mt. Apo

Boys at the foot of Mt. Apo in Baracatan enjoyed playing in a stream of water coming down from the top of the highest peak in the Philippines. (Click to zoom)

Back in November 2003 (if I remember the date correctly), I was invited to be one of the facilitators of a missions training program organized by the Asian Center for Missions (ACM) in partnership with the Living Springs International (LSI). It was held high up in the mountains in Baracatan, Toril, Davao City. It was actually at the foot of Mt. Apo, the highest mountain (or stratovolcano) in the Philippines.

In this first photo above, there were two local boys playing in the stream water flowing down from high up in the mountain. The atmosphere was cold out there. A nice place for solitude and contemplation. For this shot, I was using a point-and-shoot camera with unknown brand called Mercury. But it took good shots nonetheless!

20031116-20031116-fog_baracatanIn this second photo, this was the retreat house and training center and the fog shows how cold it can be out there! Brrr….

And oh by the way, your car has to be in top shape and you have to be a good driver to be able to climb quite a steep slope on an uphill drive as you approach the camp. Quite an experience.