Council of Nicea

What is the Council of Nicea anyway? Well, it was a conference called by the then Roman emperor Constantine the Great in 325 AD for all the bishops to settle their differences regarding the deity of Christ. One of the bishops by the name of Arius (c.250-c.336) said that Jesus was not of the same being as God and therefore not God but the highest of creatures, created by God for a mediatory and creative role.

Arianism was condemned at the council of Nicea and the view that Jesus Christ is truly God and is of one being (homoousios) with the Father was affirmed.

Sad to say, some form of Arianism or semi-Arianism continue to exist to this day.

Architecture and Photography

Architecture and Photography

Architecture and Photography as Art Expressions

According to my college professor, “art is anything made or done by man that affects or moves us so that we feel and see beauty in it.” I have never forgotten that definition since then. That was some 40 years ago! When an architect designs and builds a structure, he is actually expressing himself or his artistic side through the design and making of buildings. It is a product of his artistic mind. Painting, sculpture, music, interior design, architecture and photography are all art expressions too. Oftentimes, the artist is trying to convey a message, to tell something, or express his inner thoughts and feelings through his artwork.

Love for Architecture

I think that it was in my first year in high school that I first began to be interested in architecture. One of the teachers — I think it was in a vocational class — gave us an overview of what architectural drawings were and how to understand those drawings. He even gave the class an assignment to draw a basic floor plan, a front elevation, and side elevations. That got me interested because I had an inclination on making drawings. I loved to draw during my younger years. I was more interested in art more than I enjoyed math — my Waterloo haha! That’s how it all started.

My dad brought me to both Mapua Institute of Technology as well as at the University of Santo Tomas to take their entrance exams and I passed in both schools. But I decided to enrol at UST because I dreaded Math haha! Also, I thought that Architecture was all about drawings. I was wrong! We had Math subjects all the way up to fifth year!

Love for Photography

It was during my college days that I began to get interested in photography as I began to be exposed to a lot of photographic art work in school at the UST – College of Architecture & Fine Arts for about 6 or 7 years. I was an irregular student. I began working as an architectural draftsman when I was in fourth year college. But then I had no camera. It was beyond my financial reach. And so it was just an interest, something to dream and think about. But I did begin to learn about photography bit by bit over the years.

And so, what do you get when you combine architecture and photography together? Well, I don’t just shoot beautiful faces, places, nature and flowers, I photoshoot beautiful buildings too haha! Here’s a nice chapel that attracted my attention the other day. It’s the Sanctuario de San Fernando Chapel in San Fernando, Pampanga. My wife and I go there at that memorial park for exercise every morning. But I do get distracted because I stop and photoshoot often haha!

Trinity: A Difficult Doctrine

One of the most difficult and hard to accept doctrine for some is the doctrine of the Trinity. It seems to be against human logic. Just what is it all about? How come others don’t seem to accept it while others embrace it?

Here’s the doctrine: God is one divine being who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Another way of saying it is: God is one divine being in three persons. That really makes some people go crazy and say that this doctrine is of the devil and is a doctrine of demons. And it’s quite confusing, they will quickly say!

A Matter of Revelation

That is really sad when people’s minds are closed to the revelation of Scripture. How did this doctrine come about anyway? How come Trinitarians believe in this Triune God? Well, it is simply this: It is the revelation of Scripture—so we accept it even though we may not fully understand it. And what does the Bible say? Well, here is the revelation of God from Scripture:

  1. God is one.
  2. The Father is God.
  3. The Son is God.
  4. The Holy Spirit is God.

Trust in God’s Revelation

The above facts/truths can all be found in Scripture. There may not be an explicit statement which says that “God is a Trinity” but this idea or concept is implied and can be derived and deduced from Scripture. It is the revelation of God through the Bible. Thus the early Christians—in their effort to guard against heresy—formulated this doctrine that God is one divine Being who is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That is the revelation of Scripture.

Thus, it is a matter of trust and faith in God that what he says in Scripture is true though one may not fully understand it. We just have to accept that some things about God’s nature may not be fully understood and is beyond our finite human understanding to fully comprehend at this time but instead it is to be accepted because it is something revealed in Scripture. God is uncreated and lives in a different dimension (or multi-dimensions). We cannot limit God and try to understand him within the limits of our three dimensional world. God is beyond our finite minds to fully comprehend. It is a paradox.

God has not left us in the dark though. We can only know who God is through the revelation of Jesus Christ. “No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him” (NIV Matthew 11:27). Knowing Jesus is knowing God.