Just Before New Year

An Hour Before New Year

Just before New Year 2013
Last night, the last day of the year 2012, just less than an hour before the new year, we had a chance to talk to our daughter working abroad. We missed Christmas this year with her. But thanks to modern technology we can get in touch with our loved ones anytime no matter how far they may be. What a great difference the way it was during my younger days.

During the Seventies

Back then, during my college days in Manila, I had to write a letter then go to the post office to send it to my parents in Mindanao. We had no phones, no TV, no laptops, no ATM cards—just plain and simple student life without much of the conveniences taken for granted by many young ones today.

When I needed tuition money and allowance I had to send a telegram and wait for my parents’ response. And then after 3 days you go and check the bank if the tuition money has already arrived through telegraphic transfer. You go back to the bank the following day if it has not yet arrived and hope again. What a big difference it is nowadays. For a teenage freshman from the province who has newly arrived in the big city, it was always kind of lonely for many months without hearing from loved ones so far away. But those were the days.

I’m just glad communication is easy nowadays. We can talk and even see our loved ones each and everyday if we want to even if they’re so far away. I salute all the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are sacrificing their lives to support their families at home.

Welcome to the new year! Happy new year everyone and to all OFWs out there!